2022 is in the books! Thanks for a successful summer auction. We get a lot of questions regarding items that did not sell, now that the County has met its legal obligations for disposal offerings to both public agencies and the general public, we will utilize one of our 3rd party partners for any run-off items. Check back here for listing information and a redirect URL for sale items starting 9/6/22.
(This message was posted 8/29/22 by Fleet staff)


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About Us

Lane County Fleet Services


 Lane County light duty vehicles and heavy equipment are integral to providing such services as road and bridge maintenance, solid waste transportation and disposal, park maintenance, and other services throughout the County.  Fleet Services also provides maintenance services to over 600 County pieces of equipment and over 100 outside-agency pieces of equipment that do not participate in the Fleet Services Replacement Program.  Fleet Services will acquire, maintain, and dispose of vehicles and equipment that is financially and environmentally sustainable. In fiscal year 2020-2021, Lane County Fleet Services has started to develop an EV (Electric Vehicle) first policy and also has initiated work on expansion of its EV charging infrastructure.