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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale

Successful bidders will be notified at end of respective sale (Government 5:01 PM or Public 12:01 PM), or later via email used with the bidder profile during registration until all items are sold or it is in the best interest of Lane County and its partners to end sale. Payment due within 48 hours of notification.

All bids must be submitted electronically. No voice, over the phone, paper or fax bids will be accepted.

Acceptable forms of payment include: Credit Cards (Only Visa/Master Card/Discover), Cashiers Checks, Certified business checks, Money Orders, Check issued by a public agency (for municipal sale only) with supporting identification that issuer is employed by said Agency, Personal checks not to exceed $50 (returned checks are subject to a $35 fee + the original amount of the purchase). WE ACCEPT CASH AGAIN AS OF JULY 1ST 2022. When possible, other forms of payment are preferred and exact change is appreciated.

Descriptions are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. Lane County will not be held responsible for advertising errors or omissions.

All sale items are being offered "as-is", "where-is", "with defects", and "without any warranties".

Successful bidder is responsible to purchase all winning bids. Lane County will reject any bid that does not meet these terms of sale upon finding of the agency that it is in the public's best interest to do so. Payment must be made within 48 hours of winning notification or bidder agrees per terms and conditions of use of this site that said item(s) will be forfeited and awarded to the next highest bidder. This will be enforced as to maintain administrative costs of the Auction. Payment must be made in full, Lane County does not offer net terms, down payments, or "hold" payments in regards to Auction.

In the event of tie bids during the course of the Government Auction, the public agency deemed winner by administrative selection per lane code will be awarded the item(s).

Proxy bidding. Proxy bidding places bids on your behalf at the lowest possible increments. Simply enter your maximum bid (the highest amount you are willing to pay). The goal of proxy bidding is for you to win the auction at the lowest possible price. Therefore, the current bid will equal the former bid to match your proxy. If your proxy ceiling gets pushed by another bidder, the system will notify you by email and allow you to adjust your bid if you choose to do so.

Sniper protection. We want to ensure fair outcomes as best possible for the auction and its participants, that's why we have installed what is commonly referred to as "Sniper Protection". It discourages participants from attempting a last minute bid on an item(s) to win it as the auction expires in its last moments. If another bidder places a last minute bid, the software is designed to extend that opportunity another 10 minutes (600 seconds) then the program will adjust your bid per your proxy or notify you so that you can adjust your bid within that time frame if you choose. This can potentially extend the end time of the item an undetermined amount based on how long counterbids are placed against one another.


County Policies


OR State Rules

279A.070 Rules. In addition to rules adopted under ORS 279A.065 (6), a contracting agency may, in exercising authority granted under ORS 279A.050, adopt rules necessary to carry out the provisions of the Public Contracting Code, including but not limited to rules for procuring, managing, disposing of and controlling goods, services, personal services and public improvements under the Public Contracting Code. Each contracting agency authorized to enter into personal services contracts shall create procedures to screen and select persons to perform personal services. [2003 c.794 §11; 2003 c.794 §11a; 2013 c.522 §5]

Lane County Manual - Regarding disposal of property

60.100.400 - Disposal of Unclaimed Personal Property and County-Owned Surplus Property. (Updated 8/3/22)

A. Policy.

1. Personal property in the County's possession, whether unowned or unneeded by the County, must be disposed of under the supervision of the County financial officer. Disposal may be made by sale, transfer to other governmental bodies or public benefit non-profit organizations, or discarding.

2. The policy in this section does not apply to unclaimed, lost or abandoned property coming into the possession of the County, where disposition is specifically subject to Oregon Statutes, such as: vehicles, bicycles, intangible personal property, stolen property where the owner is known, seized concealed weapons, and property of a deceased person taken into possession by the County.

B. Certification of Unclaimed and Surplus Personal Property.

1. Unclaimed Personal Property. Before disposition of any unclaimed personal property in the County's possession, the Director of the Department in custody of the property must certify to the County financial officer that a reasonable effort to identify and locate the owner of the property has been unsuccessful. Upon such certification, and with the approval of the County financial officer, the certifying Department may retain any certified property for County use.

2. Surplus Property. Before County-owned personal property may be disposed of as surplus, the Director of the Department in custody of the property must certify to the County financial officer that such property is surplus as to that Department.

C. Disposal of Certified Unclaimed and Surplus Personal Property. The County financial officer, or the officer’s designee, must establish procedures for storage and disposal of certified unclaimed and surplus property. Such procedures may include:

1. Circulating lists of selected items to other County Departments, other governmental organizations, and non-profit groups.

2. Preferential consideration for local agencies and public benefit nonprofit organizations within Lane County for disposal of certified surplus vehicles and motor-driven equipment, by circulating a list of surplus vehicles and equipment, the established fair market value for each, the date by which an offer to purchase must be received. a. In the event that more than one offer is received for a vehicle or unit of equipment, consideration should be given to the need of the agency or organization for the equipment. b. After offers from cities, school districts, and other local agencies have accepted or rejected, a final list of any remaining surplus vehicles and equipment must be prepared for public sale.

3. Public sale, by public auction or sealed bid, after advertising pursuant to LM 20.100.055 not less than two (2) weeks prior to the time for receipt of bids. For sales estimated at $100,000 or less in total value of property sold, a public opening of bids is not required, provided that the Department notifies bidders of the results of the auction or sale, which notice may be given by a posting on the County's internet site. Auctions or sales may be conducted through publicly available third-party electronic bidding services.

4. Sale of individual items with an estimated fair market value of less than $10,000, items remaining unsold after a public auction, or damaged unrepaired or “totaled” equipment may be conducted by posting the items for sale on one or more publicly-available electronic marketplaces. At the discretion of the County financial officer or designee, resulting sales may be made for nominal sums if, in the officer's or designee's judgment, the offer received is reasonable given the nature of the property and current market conditions.

5. Discarding when, in the judgment of the County financial officer or the officer’s designee, the property is of such low value that it should be discarded.

D. Limitation on Sales to County Employees. Surplus County property may not be sold or transferred to any County employee, except through public auction or sealed bid in accordance with this section.

E. No Warranty. No warranty or guarantee may be made as to the condition of any item offered for sale. All surplus property is offered for sale "as is and where is," without recourse against the County.

F. Terms of Purchase. All property must be paid for in full during the sale, and purchaser must accept legal title to the property prior to removal from the sale site.

***Note - Section regarding Firearms and Police Dogs has been omitted as the Fleet Auction does not sell/Dispose of such items.

Public Records on County Internet Website 

Lane Manual  2.185

2.185 Public Records on County Internet Website.

The purpose of this policy is to provide procedures for Lane County in distributing public records information on the County Internet website, when that information could contain certain types of personal information. The following objectives were used in guiding this policy: (1) Allow public ease of access to public records information that is currently being provided at County offices; (2) The law may prohibit the County from disclosing certain personal information about members of the public; other personal information should be protected where feasible; (3) Recognize that individuals who demonstrate a danger to personal safety or to the safety of a family member residing with them may request that a record containing their home address and telephone number not be disclosed; (4) Promote public trust and confidence in the use of services and information provided by the County Internet website; (5) Inform the public about the practices, procedures and principles for public records information that is distributed on the County Internet website. (Revised by Order No. 02-3-12-4, Effective 3.12.02, 17-09-12-01, 9.12.17)

2.187 Scope. This policy applies to public records information distributed from Lane County Internet websites when that information could contain personal information as that term is used in Oregon Public Records Law, applicable regulations, or judicial interpretations of these. (Revised by Order No. 02-3-12-4, Effective 3.12.02, 17-09-12-01, 9.12.17)

2.189 Policy. (1) Personal Information. It is the County’s intent to balance the public’s interests in access to public records information on the County Internet website (now available only in County offices) and to protect certain personal information from disclosure when required and when feasible. The County intends to not distribute to the public the following personal information on the County Internet website: (a) Social security number; (b) Driver license number; (c) Mother’s maiden name; (d) Credit card information; (e) Bank account information; (f) Residential telephone numbers; (g) Health or medical records; (h) Place of birth. It is the County’s intent to comply with all applicable laws and regulations which prohibit disclosure of certain personal information about members of the public. This includes some of the information in the list above. Placing public records information on the County website may increase the availability of that information, as well as increase the risk of disclosure of personal information that may not otherwise be prohibited from disclosure. This may include other information listed above. Due to budget constraints, it is not feasible for the County to review each specific record or type of data prior to such a potential disclosure through the County website. It is the County’s intent to distribute on the County website only those types of data or documents: (i) where a majority of the data or documents would not contain personal information of the type listed above, or, (ii) where a majority of the data or documents may include such personal information in a common location which can be deleted by that common field. The purpose of this policy is to balance the competing objectives of making public documents and data from those documents more readily available on the County website, but limiting the occurrence of disclosure of personal information not otherwise prohibited from disclosure. The County will determine the types of data and documents which, in its discretion meet the criteria above. Nothing in this policy is intended to create a cause of action arising out of the County’s implementation of this policy. (2) Non-Disclosure for Personal Safety Reasons. Public records information distributed from the County Internet website will comply with the Oregon Public Records law. In certain instances, this will require the County Internet website to not release or make available a specific public record indicating the home address or telephone number of an individual that has made a request and has demonstrated there is a danger to personal safety or to the safety of a family member residing with them if the public record is disclosed. (3) Approval Process for Distributing Public Records Information. Lane County Technology Management Team (TMT) is delegated the responsibility to review and approve the types of data and documents to be distributed on the County Internet website in accordance with this policy, including consideration of budgetary constraints. Departments will submit requests for Internet distribution approval per policy guidelines. (4) Related Policies, Guidelines or Standards. The County Administrator is delegated authority to adopt administrative procedures and guidelines to implement this policy. (Revised by Order No. 02-3-12-4, Effective 3.12.02, 17-09-12-01, 9.12.17)

Web Accessibility information



Lane County has a responsibility to provide effective access to its website information to those with disabilities unless there is undue burden on Lane County staff or when doing so would result in a fundamental alteration to the service.  In placing information on the County website, the Lane County Information Services Department uses, as guidance, the technical standards adopted by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (Access Board) for electronic and information technology 508/guide/1194.22.htm.  It is an ongoing goal of the Information Services Department to publish web based information utilizing these standards when reasonably feasible and appropriate. 

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